Secure yourself from malicious Android apps

We are digitally connected every where using our android mobile phones. Everyone love using apps. There is an app for any thing these days. But at same time there are threats everywhere, Risking your personal data to bank account and financial details. It’s very important which apps you are using in your mobile and how you can manage and see what’s actually app is doing with your data.

How you can avoid such threats?

  • Don’t install unnecessary apps which are not distributed through android play store.

Apps come from various sources. Don’t believe every app and install in your mobile. Only install apps from play store. Play store has various levels of checkups before they put app on store. Make sure your uncheck install apps from unknow sources in your settings. There are lots of apps distributed in their binary format as apk. They can be harmful and allow them only when you know what you are doing. Only a developer can guarantee that.

  • Verify developer details and privacy policy or terms and conditions before you download and use apps.

Every app that use data need to meet developer guidelines by Google. so they furnish all information regarding data usage in terms and conditions or privacy policy. Make sure you read all information before you install and use app. If you find any issue with data usage. Contact developer using provided email in store listing and get clarification and confidence to use app.

  • Check app permissions before using apps.

Its your device and you can control your device. Your hardware is being used by apps. Android made this simple by introducing app permissions. You have right to deny using any hardware permission requests and operating system level services. Think why an app is using requested service and take a decision on it. Most apps explain why they use permission. Understand them and Grant permissions.

  • You apps are being scanned. Verify frequently

Google play protect program ensure user is using good apps and not using malicious apps.

Check your installed apps in play store app to verify if all apps are really good regularly.

  • Update your software.

Software updates fixes various issues with operating system and services. Most of malicious apps use those vulnerabilities or loop holes to gain access to your data. If you update software regularly you will be safe from those apps. Don’t miss app updates or system software updates. Read what’s new section in play store to verify of critical issues fixed.

What does these malicious apps do?

They can be your worst nightmare. If you provide access to your phone services and hardware they can

  1. Read your private data and upload to remote servers.
  2. Steal your bank information and impersonate you.
  3. Steal pictures and videos.
  4. Distribute vulgur apps.
  5. Use your device as source for malpractices like mining, spam, etc.
  6. Kill your hardware just for fun.
  7. Steal contacts.
  8. And many more unimaginable.


Be safe and control your device. Don’t neglect your data and options to control them. It’s never late to safegaurd your data and your privacy.