Secure Your USB enabled devices now


Secure Your USB enabled devices now, they can be easily burnt using power surge attack.

Most of our devices are connected using USB ports, these ports are used for serial data transfer. Most of USB devices get 0-5V voltage and 1-3A current from usb port. Everything can be connected to usb, chargers, pendrives, smartcards, any electronic device can communicate with USB port. Live is very comfortable with USB. But now it’s not true, every USB port (almost 95%) are vulnerable to power surge attack.

What is power surge attack?

Rapid charge and discharge cycles of voltage ranging from 5 to 250V on to USB data lines creates a surge within host board that supplies power. This is power surge attack.

Now here is a device that can connect to any USB port and kill any device within seconds.

The USB Kill 2.0 is a testing devic

e created to test USB ports against power surge attacks. The USB Kill 2.0 tests your device’s resistance against this attack.

How to protect your device?

Don’t connect any unknown USB drives to your usb ports.

Check your hardware(TV, Laptop, Mobile etc) if it is prone to power surge attack.

Check/Ask your manufacturer for any such vulnerability before buying device or raise support request to verify already owned device.

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